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dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Dag 129 Statines

Ondertussen een email van Dr Petrovic in mijn mailbox ontvangen.

... reflect a very high number of inflammatory symptoms ... These symptoms are associated very high level of constant underlying inflammation caused by virus/es that your immune system can not put under control.

In addition your immune system is completely dysfunctional , can not put underlying viral inflammation under control and has lost its ability to distinguish between your own biological structures and foreign antigens, resulting in auto-immune reactions and formation of anti phospholipid antibodies. (het bekende anti-fosfolipidensyndroom)


I also wish to put to your attention that it appears that your local physicians have failed to understand as to why your cholesterol has become so elevated and why no anti-cholesterol drugs showed any effectiveness in your case.

It is critically important to understand that cholesterol acts as mild antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance and that its own natural production increases as natural biological response in an attempt to shut down viral inflammation in CFIDS patients.

Indiscriminate lowering of cholesterol via anti-cholesterol drugs in CFIDS patients is completely counter-productive and detrimental to their health as it potentiates inflammation and makes overall patients'status much worse.

Your cholesterol will naturally normalise when inflammation is put under control.

I can see that you used to be a very active, extrovert professional individual and that CFIDS

has had a devastating effect on your life. Unfortunately most physicians around the world do

not have any substantial information and/or expertise in respect of treating CFIDS and

therefore treatments provided by your local specialists in Belgium have been completely

ineffective and/or detrimental to your health."

TIP: cholesterolmedicatie blijkt dus een ziekmaker te zijn.

Ik vertikte het om die pillen nog te nemen omdat ik me er nog zieker door voelde. Hij bevestigt dat dus.

Er staat letterlijk: "Statines versterken infectie."
... en ze verlagen co Q10 gehalte.

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