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maandag 28 november 2011

Common infectious drivers, how to correct them?

Rheumatoid arthritis => Parasites => Parastat, HCL, Galactan
Lupus => Virus of the kidneys and/or lungs => Allicidin, HM Nano
Crohn's disease => Parasites, Mycobacterium, Paratuberculosis => Parastat, Allicidin, Paracidin
Celiac sprue => Parasites => Parastat, Allicidin, Paracidin

Scleroderma => Mycoplasma => Parastat, Hyssop
Juvenile RA => Mycoplasma pneumonia => HM Nano Detox
Juveline Diabetes => Coxsackie B virus => Allicidin, HM Nano
Hashimoto's => Heavy metal toxicity => HM Nano Detox

Obsessive Compulsive disorder => Streptococcal bacteria => Allicidin

Glutathion does miracles for Parkinson!

Parkinson kan behandeld worden met intraveneuze glutathion. Volgende maand komt het product uit op de markt. De resultaten zijn fantastisch. Na 30 minuten stopt het beven en kan de patient weer normaal praten.

It takes only 30 minutes with IV glutathion to stop shaking and be able to speak normal again!

This medicine will be on the market beginning 2012.

Who is doctor Perlmutter?
Dr Perlmutter doet aan "functional medicine" ipv aan "conventional medicine".

Prevent people to be ill, allow them to be healthy. Doctors should have the confidence to help their patients because functional medicine is far more effective.