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woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Psychotherapy versus spiritual therapy

Er staat een nieuw artikel onderaan de pagina "Aanbevolen literatuur":
Psychotherapy versus Spiritual therapy (English)

Indien nodig kan je de tekst copieren en plakken in Google Taalhulpmiddelen:

Dan wordt ie online vertaald van Engels naar Nederlands

Een extract:

A dash of Yoruba ancestor worship and a dollop of Hindu kirtan to chase away an urbanite's midwinter blues? No more strange, I suppose, than lying prostrate on a leather couch and prattling on about one's toilet training, or free-associating about last night's dreams.

And arguably no less "scientific" either, if by "scientific" we mean "consistently proven to be effective." Every culture has developed its own ways and means to banish the inner demons that assail its members. Psychotherapy--underneath its high-gloss scientific veneer--may turn out to be a form of modern day shamanism, no better and no worse than shaking a rattle to clear one's aura, or burning effigies to exorcise offending spirits. ...

The goal of psychotherapy is more modest. It was founded on the assumption that by ferreting out the childhood causes of our present-day neurotic patterns of thought and behavior we would become free of them. Experience demonstrates, however, that merely understanding the origins of one's malaise intellectually is not enough. Understanding how I came to develop low self-esteem as a child, for example, will not magically make me feel better about myself as an adult.

Something more needs to be added to the equation--namely faith and intention…. Faith heals.

… The answer that the wisdom traditions give is counterintuitive. They tell us that we do not develop faith in ourselves by focusing on the self, its symptoms, and healing, as psychotherapy does. Just the opposite: we uplift ourselves by looking away from the self and its narrow orbit of concerns and toward the mysterious existence of the Other …

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