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maandag 26 juli 2010

Dag 165 Gretigheid

Het verhaal van de schimmel laat me niet meer los. Mijn gedachten worden overspoeld door als en indien en zou en misschien.

Het internet is mijn raam op de buitenwereld! Ben blij terug wat te kunnen lezen. Val vervolgens in de kuil van gretigheid. Ik hou het enkele uurtjes vol. En dan alsof een hand mijn hersenen tot moes knijpt bovenaan. De drang is te groot, ik wil meer weten, ga voort en val uitgeput met mijn hoofd op tafel neer.

Mijn jongste protesteert luidkeels. Mama ziet hem niet meer staan. Letterlijk. Mama is over haar grenzen gegaan, zittende op haar stoel ditmaals.
The newer systemic, or bloodstream, antifungals are much safer than the older ones like Nizoral of Griseofulvin. Some of the newer ones include Diflucan, Lamisil, and Sporanox. The safety depends on both the length of time these are used and with which other medications they are taken.

All of these antifungals are filtered through the liver, and anyone with known or suspected liver disease should be either very careful with these drugs or avoid them altogether. Also, if they are taken in large doses for a long period of time in anyone, the liver enzymes should be monitored (for example, every 3 months). The combination of these antifungals and certain antibiotics and antihistamines should be avoided; check with your physician or nurse if this might apply to you.

Nystatin is a “gut” antifungal. Only 1-3% of it is absorbed at all; the other 97-99% remains in the intestines all the way down and is excreted via the bowels. This medication has no known adverse reactions if taken with food. Sometimes, people refer to Nystatin as an antibiotic, when it is really a broad-spectrum antifungal. In part, it is an anti-“biotic,” since “bio” means living organism, and fungi certainly are living organisms!

Om te vermijden dat je een Herxheimer reactie krijgt bij een anti-schimmel behandeling, gebruik je best:

Psyllium, being a non-digestible fiber, is one of the three things known to bind fungal poisons, or mycotoxins (the other two are charcoal and cholestyramine, a drug. A.V. Constantini, Fungal Bionics). Psyllium, as a fiber also regulates the bowels, relieving both constipation and diarrhea. It is imperative that, as you kill off fungus, it leaves the body via the bowels.

People with gut problems (constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, reflux, etc.) can almost be assured that they have an “inflamed” or leaky gut. Psyllium hulls greatly assist in “sealing up” the gut. Once the bowels are moving and the gut is sealed, one can absorb and assimilate nutrients from their food like they should.

NOTE: If you have high blood pressure, you should not take the Nature’s Sunshine brand of powdered psyllium hulls. This contains licorice, which can elevate blood pressure. The capsule form in this brand is fine to take. Also, if you have any form of intestinal obstruction, or have had surgery for intestinal obstruction, check with your physician before beginning psyllium or any other non-digestible fiber.


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