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donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Dr Stoff

Dr. Stoff  was a compassionate man who really seemed to understand what a CFS sufferer was going through. Here is a passage from his book that I thought was beautiful and still makes me cry. The journey inward is like a quest to the top of the mountain that rises above the chaos in your life and body. The trek is not by way of an escalator. It is a long, hard climb. The only way out of this mess is through it. Together we will walk the path, guided by signposts. The climb to the top, beyond illness, is worth the effort. When we have reached the summit you will have learned more about yourself and grown more than you ever dreamed was possible. There will be many hills and valleys along the way, and there may be times when you wonder, "Why bother?" Just remember this: when you are ascending the mountain you can look back down and know what was. But when you're deep in the valley you can't look up through the fog to see what will be. Trust.
When you cross a small valley along your trek, the memory of what you have already seen and learned will sustain you. If you stop along the way to really take in the signposts, then you are a special person indeed, for you are ready to put aside the fear of the unkown, of yourself, and really examine who and what you are. You are ready to love, accept, and appreciate yourself for who and what you are. You will learn to listen to yourself and to your body to fulfill its needs. When you reach the summit, you can pause and reflect on what you have learned and re-create yourself. the power to do so is yours. And with your new strength you can now bring greater love to your family and friends.
You will have gained a sense of maturity and perspective with which you can offer them a hand. THIS IS WHAT I WILL SEE WHEN I LOOK AT YOU ON THE MOUNTAINTOP: A PERSON WHO CAN LOVE, A PERSON WHO CAN LISTEN. AN AUTHENTIC HUMAN BEING. When you look back, there will be no regret and remorse over lost time and opportunities. Instead, you will see that the greatest opportunity of your life is the illness now before you. Give me your hand and let us begin our journey.

Dr. Stoff quit his practice and went into research only.

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