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donderdag 5 januari 2012

Eat less opioids, have less pain

Besides, the opioid receptors in the brains tend to be occupied in FM patients - preventing the patients from deriving benefits from more opioids. This suggests that the endogenous opioid system, i.e. the natural opioid system in the bodies of FM (fibromyalgia) patients, is already hyper-active, not hypoactive, and that some FM patients see big improvements in their conditions when they go off opioids. Clauw is not just down on opioids for FM patients, however; he believes they have been widely over-prescribed for conditions they have little effect on.

Cut down on natural opioids: gluten, milk, spinach
Think also about: painkillers!

Consider: neural therapy or low dose naltrexone (check out the special page on the right side of the blog) and not lyrica if you have chronic pain. Antidepressants will modify ultimately the receptors in your gut as well, the place where neurotransmitters for your brain take origin.

Cymbalta’s success in treating pain indicates that some forms of pain in FM are due to central nervous system problems - not a structural injury. Cymbalta’s lack of effectiveness in acute pain , on the other hand, suggests that the two types of pain are very different.


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