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donderdag 16 juni 2011

The link between genes, gluten, pain and altered stressresponse

Have you ever wondered why some people react well on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?
The answer is very simple. LDN stimulates your body to create more mu opioide receptors (MOR) on the b-endorphines in your body.

MOR are responsible for detecting cancer cells in your body but also to control pain , addictions to coffee, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, games, ... If you don't have them (anymore), you are in trouble. Studies have demonstrated that MOR also mediates the stress response (cortisol = immunity) in your body. It becomes even more interesting!

What is the problem when you have ME/CFS? A lot of people have a genetic difference called the A118G. It is a common polymorphism so many people have it.

Scientists discovered that people with the A118G variant react differently to the drug metyrapone. Their ACTH hormone rised more than people with no allele variant but had a resultant significantly lower ACTH level. This implies a greater inhibition through the MOR at the hypothalamic–pituitary sites!

Metyrapone is often used to the check if you suffer adrenal insuffiency. It blocks cortisol synthesis and as a result CRH and ACTH levels should rise as a response to the falling cortisol levels.

Now you have the proof that Low Dose Naltrexone also regulates your cortisol and therefore your immune system.

What is the link with gluten? Opiates kill MOR. Do you suffer chronic pain and illness? Maybe it's time to consider to change your medication. Stop all opiates and that includes those in your food: gluten, milk, soya and spinach. These are natural opiates and have the same effect on your health as painkillers.
(An alternative for opiate painkillers could be Topamax or Normast.)

A lot of chronic ill patients have problems with an enzym called DPP IV which is supposed to digest opiates. If for some reason the enzym does not work as it should in your body, opiates become toxic. They will kill MOR.

I wonder what the statistical coincidence is of DPP IV deficiency and the A118G variant?

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